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 Balanced Diet Meals Delivery Plan

We love cooking for you!  Losing weight is now easy and delicious!  We daily provide your breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner totalling 1000 kcal, 1300 Kcal or 1800 kcal per day depending on your dietary needs.  Choose a week long program or a 4 week program.  All meals are delivered fresh and ready to reheat and enjoy.  Our menu is repeating every 4 weeks so essentially you eat the same meal every 4 weeks!  Enjoy a wide variety of delicious meals and snacks while you continue to lose weight!  Learn more and plan your program today!

High Protein Meals Delivery Plan

We love cooking for you! Now you can rely on us for delicious high protein, low fat daily meals. You may select a 2 meals per day or a 3 meals per day plan, Monday through Friday or Monday through Sunday. The 3 meals per day plan provides an average daily energy intake of 1555 Kcal from a daily average of 165g protein, 43g fat and 127g carbohydrates. The 2 meals per day plan provides an average daily energy intake of 1012 Kcal from a daily average of 107g protein, 28g fat and 83g carbohydrates. Just microwave! Check out our menu! We use only fresh high quality ingredients. We weigh each and every ingredient to be 100% sure you get what you need. We are happy to make minor adjustments to maximize your satisfaction. 

KETO Diet Meals Delivery Plan

We love cooking for you! We provide delicious KETO based breakfast,  lunch, and dinner, Monday through Friday totalling a daily average of 1315 kcal with just 6% of energy coming from carbs!  As KETO diet is based on fats, we advise you to consult your physician before starting a long term program. 

Lunch & Dinner Delivery Plan

Controlling your daily energy intake from your lunch and dinner is now easy! All you need to do is decide whether your lunch and dinner together will provide a maximum of 700, 1000  or 1300 calories per day!  You can enjoy 2 delicious and healthy meals with a total of 700, 1000 or 1300 kcal depending on the program that best suits you.

Light Lunch Delivery Plan

Worry no more about your Monday - Friday office lunch! We got you covered with balanced, healthy and delicious meals with an average of 390 kcal per meal! Meals are always made using fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. Refrigerate and just microwave when ready to eat! You will be impressed with the taste! You will be satisfied and energized while keeping kcal intake low.