Familychef low kcal meal plans

Balanced Low Kcal Meal Delivery Plans

Losing weight is no longer difficult and tasteless! You can enjoy 5 delicious meals per day with a total of 1000, 1300 or 1800 kcal depending on the program that best suits you. Start feeling light and energized with our nutritious meals!

We have designed a 4-week balanced Monday through Sunday meal nutritional plan so that you will be eating the same meal once a month! No way you can get bored with that!  Feel free to tell us if there is anything you don't like so we can replace it with something else. Moreover, we can adjust our plans if you are vegetarian, vegan or you are fasting. Last but not least, we are happy to quote you should you have a specific meal plan from your dietician especially if you are an athlete or under strict diet for any reason.

Please feel free to reach out to me at or at 22664004 should you have any questions or concerns about our meal plans and service.

All the best,

Shak Vasiliou, Director 


 29/11 - 5/12

  6/12 - 12/12

13/12 - 19/12

20/12 - 24/12


HOLIDAY BREAK 25/12 - 3/1

Meal plan programs will take a break!  We will all have the opportunity to enjoy the company of our friends and relatives along with delicious holiday food!  All subscriptions will be paused during this time and the days missed will be added to the end of each subscription.  First delivery after the break is Monday 3/1 with the meals of Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you don't wish to receive meals on 3/1 please notify us at or by sms at 99441169 by 22/12.