Workout Meals

We love cooking for you!  Now you can rely on us for delicious high protein, low fat  daily meals. With an average daily intake of 140g protein, 35g fat and 150g carbohydrates you will be able to reduce body fat and increase muscle mass while having enough energy to exercise.  Enjoy 3 delicious meals per day.  Just microwave!  Check out our menu!  We use only fresh high quality ingredients.  We weigh each and every ingredient to be 100% sure you get what you need.  We are happy to make minor adjustments to maximize your satisfaction.  

For Nicosia, Monday meals are delivered Saturday whereas for all other cities Monday meals are delivery Friday.  Tuesday and Wednesday meals are delivered Monday and Thursday and Friday meals are delivered Wednesday.  You can start your program anyday of the week.  Your subscription will continue for the following week until we deliver 5 days of meals if you have subscribed for a week long program or 20 days of meals if you have subscribed for a 4 week program.