Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How much weight should I expect to lose in one of your Low Kcal Programs?

The average weight loss is 1 kg per week for our customers taking up one of our 5 day programs and 1,2 kg per week for our customers taking up a full week program.

2. Which program should I select?  1000 kcal, 1300 kcal or 1800 kcal per day?

The most important factor to determine the right program is your current weight although other factors should also be taken into consideration, such a your age, sex, whether your exercise or not etc.  Taking into account only the weight factor, someone below 65 kg should go for the 1000 kcall program, someone between 65 kg and 85 kg the 1300 and anyone above 85 kg the 1800 kcal progam.  Please feel free to call us to help you select the right program.

 3.  Where do you currently deliver? 

We home deliver to Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos urban areas.  You will be asked to enter you postal code before proceeding with any order.  Your order will go through if your postal code belongs to the areas noted above.

4.  How do you ensure the freshness of your ingredients and most importantly the fresh produce? 

We scrutinise all our suppliers so as to ensure that they are up to our standards for the highest quality.   Our fresh produce is ordered the day before your order is due and is received in the morning of the delivery day so as to ensure all fresh produce is as fresh as possible.  In addition, our delivery boxes are stored in a refrigerated area before being dispatched as well as in a refrigerated van during transportation to you.  Last but not least, all ingredients in our delivery boxes are placed in a special insulated bag offering additional protection from outside conditions.  During summer we add ice packs with our fresh produce.  We have tested our boxes with our packing in outside temperatures of 35+ degrees Celsius and the fresh produce temperature can remain unchanged for up to 2 hours.

 5. What are your delivery slots in Nicosia? 

Delivery time depends in your area.  We deliver between 3- 8 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and between 2-6 pm on Saturday.   Latsia, Dali, Geri, Lakatamia and Strovolos is usually delivered  3-5 pm during the week and between 2-4 pm on Saturdays.  Engomi, Nicosia and Aglantzia are delivered 5-8 pm during the week and 4-6 pm on Saturday.  Please note that our drivers will call you if you are not home in order to arrange where to leave your box.  Our box is insulated and ice packed so as to ensure your meals will remain fresh for at least 2 hours.  

6.  What are the delivery slots in Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos? 

3-5 pm.  Delivery is handled by Travel Express.  You will receive a call before delivery is dispatched to your delivery address.

7. What if I have to leave the house during the expected delivery? 

Please call us at 22664004 as soon as you are aware of it.  We will try to accommodate you at a different delivery slot.  

8.  Can I pick up my order? 

Yes you may pick up your order from either one of these 3 kiosk locations.  Neo Agios Antonios or Neo Latsia or Dias in Parrissinos.  Please call us if you like to have your order delivered to these locations.  Delivery to these locations is free of charge.   

9. What are your office hours? 

We are open Monday - Through Friday  08:00 am - 5:30 pm and Saturday 08:00 am - 2:00 pm

10. Do you deliver on public holidays? 

No we don't.

11. What are your payment methods? 

 We accept cash on delivery and all major credit cards.

12. Can I return your packaging for recycling? 

Yes you can!  We will reuse the boxes, inside insulation and ice packs.

13. For DIY meals, can I prepare my recipe the following day I receive my order? 

Yes you can prepare your recipe up to 2 days after you receive our ingredients assuming you store ingredients as noted on each ingredient label.

14. How to I redeem my points? 

Easy.  Once you reach 500 points you will be prompted to redeem your points by copying and pasting a unique code at check out.  €10 will be deducted for any purchase worth €10 or more.  

15. How do I earn chef points? 

For any purchase excluding delivery fees you get 1 chef point.

16. How much time can I order in advance?

 You can order as many as 28 days in advance.  

17. Can I order via telephone?  Sure.  Just call us at 22664004 8 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday.  

18. What is the delivery charge?  It's €2 

19.  Is it possible to make some changes in the low Kcal Meal delivery program since I may not be able to eat some of the meals?  Yes you can.  just let us know and we will make the appropriate changes.