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28/4/24. Easter break Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.  No meals will be delivered for the period 4-8/5 in Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca. First day of delivery after Easter in Nicosia is Wednesday 08/05. First delivery after Easter in Limassol and Larnaca is Tuesday 07/05 with the meals of Thursday. 

28/4/24. Easter Break Paphos and Paralimni. No meals will be delivered for the period 2-8/5 in Paphos and Paralimni as May 1st there is no Travel Express service.  First delivery after Easter will be Wednesday 08/05.

21/12. No meals will be delivered for the period of 23/12 through 04/01. First meals in 2024 will be for Friday 05/01.  Meals will be delivered in Nicosia, Paphos and Paralimni on Wednesday 03 01 and in Limassol and Larnaca on Thursday 04/01.  

3/4. Orthodox Easter 2023 break. Our meal plan programs will take a break!  15-18/4 in Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol and 15-19/4 in Paphos and Paralimni.  All subscriptions will be paused during this time and the days missed will be added to the end of each subscription.  In Nicosia, the meals of Wednesday 19/4 will be delivered Monday 17/4 while in Larnaca and Limassol on Tuesday 18/4.  In Paphos and Paralimni Thursday 20/4 meals will be delivered Wednesday 19/4.   If you don't wish to receive meals after Easter as noted above please notify us at or by sms at 99441169 by Wednesday 12/4.

25/3. 11 additional KETO meals are now added to the KETO meals menu making them a total of 36 different meals.  Keto customers will now eat the same main meail every 3 weeks!

3/3/23. 20 additional high protein meals are now added to the high protein menu making the total number of high protein meals 61!  

12/12/2022:  For the winter season balanced diet customers enjoy delicious and healthy soups!

12/12/2022. Holiday season break for balanced diet, high protein and keto. Nicosia, Paphos and Paralimni:  24/12-2/1.  First delivery after break 2/1. Limassol and Larnaca:  24/12-3/1.  First delivery after break 3/1.    Light lunch break:  26/12-6/1

21/09/2022. Now KETO diet on!  Enjoy KETO breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday!  

14/8-22/8. Limited time 30 euros off early bird offer for any 4 week 5 meals per day balanced diet program.  Amount is reduced in cart.  

26/7/22. Familychef will be closed for summer holidays 15-28/8.  All meal plan subscriptions will be paused during this period and will resume 29/8.  Customers who don't wish to have their meal plans started on 29/8 must send an email to by 25/8 to advise when they would like their meal plan resumed.


15/4/22. Familychef meals break due to Easter:  No meals will be sent 23-26/4. Meals will resume 27/4 delivered 26/4. 

4//4/22. Familychef introduces office light lunch meals.  5 healthy delicious meals of an average 393 Kcal delivered in Nicosia and Limassol. Delivered  in 2 deliveries, Monday and Thursday before 13:00. Just 35 euros per week or 125 euros for 4 weeks including delivery.  

10/8/2021. Familychef is closed until Sunday 22/8. We start again with deliveries Monday 23/8 . 

1/7/2021.  Last day of Low Kcal meals is August 2nd and first day after the break is Tuedsay 31/8.  Customer subscriptions will continue after the break unless notified at or at 22664004 by 27/8.  New subscriptions with meals starting 31/8 must be placed no later than 27/8.  Last but not least, workout meals will continue throughout August as well as all our other services.

15/6/2021.  Because of the upcoming 3 day weekend, all Monday meals' deliveries will take place on Friday the 18th. Monday 21/6 there will be no deliveries so no meals will be delivered for Tuesday 22/6.  As a result, all customer subscriptions will move one day forward.  Wednesday 23/6 meals will be delivered Tuesday. In case you don't like to have meals for Mondayor for the weekend, please let us know by tomorrow Wednesday 16/06 at or at 22664004.


01/02/2021. Familychef introduces weekly workout meals.  Daily intake high in protein, low fat and low carbs.  

16/11/2020. Familychef sandwiches and snacks hit the Alphamega stores in Nicosia and Larnaca.  Find out more!

23/08/2020. Familychef catering, Familychef birthday party food, Familychef weekdays cooked meals delivery is announced.  Find out more!

01/08/2020.  Familychef will be closed 15-22 08 2020.  Orders placed online will not be delivered during this period.  Also low Kcal meal plans will be suspended and restart again on August 24th.  Meals of August 24th will be delivered Saturday August 22nd.    

01/05/2020.  Free sandwich with any order of €20 or more in May.  Just add the sandwich of your choice in the basket and its value will be removed automatically at checkout.  One sandwich per order.

15/03/2020.  Announcing new meal plans.  2000 Kcal per day or lunch& dinner only.  Delivery of meals for Monday - Friday.  

10/3/2020. Extensive measures in effect to reduce risk from coronavirus.  See our blog for more details.

15/12/2019.  Certified with ISO 22000:2005 for food safety and ISO 450001:2018 for health and safety at the work place.  Read more on our blog.

12/12/2019.  Announced our first buffet set menu.  

14/10/2019.  Up to 7 days Meals Delivery Planner in place.  Now you can order for up to 7 different days in one order! You only pay one delivery fee, for the first delivery day!

04/09/2019.  Announcing delivery to Limassol every Wednesday. See more details at home page footer. 

1/7/2019. Introduced our frozen collection.

14/06/2019. We are closed Monday 17/6/2019.

27/05/2019. Introduction of thermomix™ recipes. Check out our thermomix™ recipes collection.

12/05/2019. Kiki Kyriakou is the winner of the €100 of our April Facebook Questionnaire.  Congrats! Thank you for the invaluable feedback Kiki!

16/04/2019.  You can now choose to pick up your meal boxes at the convenience of Neo convenience kiosk in Nicosia (Ayios Antonios) and Neo convenient kiosk in Latsia.  For those in Engomi or passing by Parissinos, you can pick up your meal box from Dias Kiosk.  

31/3/2019.   As of Saturday 6/4, Familychef will start delivering every Saturday from 2 pm until 6 pm.   

29/3/2019. Now Familychef customers can enjoy 2 'Ribyeclub' steaks as an option with the steak meal

18/03/2019. Promotion with Petrolina started. Promotion will run until 15/4 in selected Petrolina petrol stations in Nicosia whereby Petrolina customers can get a €5 voucher for familychef with €25 or more in automotive fuels.

15/03/2019. New menu available.  Valid until 29/3.

19/2/2019.  Ioanna Masoura, food and nutrition scientist in our team

18/2/2019.  New menu available. Valid until 1/3/2019

22/01/2019. Familychef customers can now place their orders before 8 am Monday through Friday and receive their box the same day.

19/01/2019. New Menu available. Valid until 1/2/2019

07/01/2019. FamilyChef official launch date in Cyprus. Serving urban Nicosia

21/12/2018 Familychef completes its pilot program.  

10/12/2018 - Familychef starts its pilot program in Nicosia.