Why does food need organising? Written by Ioanna Masoura MSc (Southampton), BSc (Reading) our nutritionist specialising in public health and nutrition

Many times while discussing nutrition related issues I hear people saying "it's hard to eat healthy", "I don't know how to cook, so I order delivery", "cooking is tiring", "a healthy diet is tasteless" and much more. Personally, I will not hide that cooking is something I like for various reasons like relaxing, experimenting, learning new materials and mostly having fun (I always hear music when I cook). But if you have nothing to do with cooking but you want to start eating healthy, I would tell you that the solution is in planning! So, let's go see my own practical tips:

  1. I'm preparing the weekly plan having in mind that it will definitely have pulses, fish, oil (e.g. beans or peas), lots of vegetables (fresh or frozen), chicken or minced chicken etc.
  2. I am looking for new recipes on the internet and I always prefer they contain a few ingredients and are done in a few minutes.
  3. I am preparing the shopping list and it is always divided into categories such as fruit and vegetable (I choose seasonal fruits and vegetables), starchy foods (such as breakfast cereals, bread, oats, macaroni, etc.), protein foods (such as meat, fish, eggs, etc.), Dairy products (such as yogurt, cheese, etc.) and other products (such as nuts, vegetable milks, etc.), and essential spices and herbs.
  4. Before I go to the supermarket I tend to be full because when I'm hungry, I end up with less healthy choices.
  5. When I return home I take care to separate the food into storage containers so they are kept longer but it is also easier because I see my supplies like this and I can improvise in cooking.
  6. When I have free time I prepare some snacks like biscuits or homemade bars or other delicacies so as not to end up in quick and non-nutritious options.
  7. When I'm busy I choose Familychef who take care of all the above and all I have to do is wear my apron, put on music and start cooking.

Remember the success of a dish is not only in the ingredients or in the recipe but in your attitude. So, put on your best smile, put on a pinch of love during cooking and success is sure!

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