Welcome to the Familychef team, Ioanna Masoura nutritionist specialising in public health & nutrition

I would very much like to welcome to our team Ioanna Masoura, a graduate of food and Nutrition science at Reading University in the UK and with postgraduate studies at the University of Southampton in the UK in the field of public health and nutrition. She is a registered and active member of the Cyprus Dietetic and nutritionist Association and an active member of the Pancyprian Association of cancer patients and friends. She regularly takes part in seminars and workshops to be informed about the latest developments and data in the field of nutrition. Specifically, she systematically monitors current trends and recent findings in the areas of children's eating habits, childhood obesity, ' super-foods ' (such as olive oil), the importance of the Mediterranean diet and the Saccharous Diabetes. Important to say that she is a very active person. In particular, she has undertaken the arthrography of nutrition issues on websites in Greece and Cyprus (' Mednutrition ' and ' Ioanna's Nutrilife ' respectively) with the aim of transmitting dietary messages to the general public using short and current articles. In addition, she is a member of the scientific Department of ' the Family House ' where their aim is to educate both parents and individuals associated with children (such as teachers and even grandparents) through workshops (such as, cookery), open Discussions, lectures on issues related to nutrition and wellness. Moreover, her love for children led her to design a program where through activities and cooking the children from an early age get acquainted with the proper diet. She argues that she is fond of good food and very often experiments in the kitchen making new, tasty and nutritious recipes.

Shak Vasiliou, FamilyChef Director

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