The benefits of eating yogurt



Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) has conducted extensive research and experiments to see if and how yogurt helps in controlling belly fat. Experiments were conducted first with mice. There were 2 groups of mice. Both were eating the same quantity of fast food,  with high levels of fat. The difference was that one of the groups was fed with Lactobacillus Reuteri, the bacteria found in yogurt. The results were impressive as seen in the photo below.  The left photo shows the belly fat of mice that didn't eat the bacteria found in yogurt and right photo shows the belly fat of mice that was also fed with the specific bacteria.  The results were impressive.  

Similar experiments were conducted in Harvard.  An extensive experiment with 120,000 people showed that people who had yogurt in their daily diets had significantly less belly fat than those who didn't.  See graph above.  

Last but not least, research has shown that yogurt has positive impact in skin. For example,  in an experiment conducted with 110 women in Spain  ages 41-59 with daily consumption of  yogurt,  after 12 weeks their face skin became more shiny and elastic.

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