Familychef 25΄ Chicken Skewers With Baked Vegetables plate - Low Calories
 Familychef 25΄ Chicken Skewers With Baked Vegetables ingredients - Low Calories

Chicken Skewers With Baked Vegetables - Ready To Enjoy

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Marinated fresh chicken on skewers combined with baked mixed vegetables and a side salad.



Ingredients: marinated fresh chicken fillet on skewers (garlic powder (MAY ALSO CONTAIN PEANUTS), paprika, strained yoghurt (MILK), salt, black pepper), baby potatoes, olive oil mixture: extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, salt and black pepper, vegetables mixture 37.83% (red onion in cubes, orange bell peppers in cubes, yellow bell peppers in cubes, red bell peppers in cubes, zucchini in cubes, fresh rosemary, side salad (mixed lettuce, Florini’s peppers), side salad dressing (extra virgin olive oil, YELLOW MUSTARD, honey, salt, black pepper)
*Ingredients in capital letters denote an allergen

Re-heat & Enjoy

Heat in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes or in a conventional oven until warmed


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