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Familychef 25 ́ Chicken With Sesame & Parmesan ingredients

25 ́ Chicken With Sesame & Parmesan for 2 or 4

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  1. 200 – 230 g fresh chicken breast
  2. Chicken mixture: garlic powder, salt, black pepper, fresh parsley, fresh coriander,
  3. 1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
  4. 55 g sesame mixture: sesame, parmesan cheese grated
  5. 170 g Baby Potatoes
  6. 5 oregano mix: dry oregano, paprika
  7. 8 ml extra virgin olive oil
  8. 40 g side salad: various types of lettuce, cucumber slices
  9. 10 ml side salad dressing: Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, black pepper
  10. salt/pepper preferably – not included

Preparing a meal is now as easy as 1-2-3!

Ready in 25 minutes

  1. Preheat oven to air at 200 degrees.
  2. Put the chicken fillet in a plate and brush with sesame oil on both sides using a kitchen brush. Sprinkle both sides with the chicken mixture. Leave aside.
  3. Cut the potatoes vertically into quarters and put them in a bowl.
  4. Add the mixture of oregano, olive oil, salt, pepper, stir and put in a nonstick baking pan
  5. Put the sesame mixture in a bowl. Add the chicken, pass it on both sides so that the mixture will stick well everywhere.
  6. Place the chicken in the same nonstick baking pan. If we have more portions, separate the potatoes from the meat in two non-stick pans and place the pan with the meat in the middle grill of the oven and the pan with the potatoes in the last.
  7. Place the baking pan in the middle grill of the oven and bake for 9 minutes. Turn the chicken and bake for another 9 minutes.
  8. Combine the side salad with the sauce.
  9. Finally, to serve, accompany the meat with the potatoes and the salad.

Enjoy this delicious meal!

Utensils you will need: 2 bowls, 1 plate, 1 nonstick baking tray, 1 kitchen brush


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